Background and History of Lenhardt & Company LLC

At Lenhardt & Company, we have an unyielding commitment to simplicity. We believe that management information is often developed at a level of detail beyond what is actually needed to make a decision.

Many cost management tools present a myriad of opportunities to go overboard when defining data requirements. It can be very costly to create the infrastructure to collect and maintain large volumes of data while lacking sufficient resources to convert that data into useful management information.

At Lenhardt & Company, we help our clients by keeping their eyes firmly fixed on the actual information requirements of the end decision. Peter Drucker said, “Information is data endowed with relevance and purpose.”*   We help our clients avoid the webs of complexity yet still find data that is relevant and purposeful.  

* Peter F. Drucker, The New Realities: In Government and Politics; In Economics and Business; In Society and World View, First Perennial Edition, Harper & Row, New York, 1990, pp. 207 - 220.

We Believe in Simplicity

We believe that the implementation of Activity Based Costing and other process-based cost management technique must be managed as organizational change for the new ways of doing business to “take and stick.” This means we devote attention and energy to the people side of a project as well as the technical side.

We actively engage folks from within your organization during any implementation. Key people are brought on-board at the very beginning of a project and continually kept abreast of the project status. They are told not only how their specific roles affect the project, but also how the project fits into the organization's strategic direction. Employees are treated with respect and helped to understand that their contributions are vital.

We Foster Positive Change

Our experience and methodologies help ensure that your solutions are the result of collaboration.  Change is effected by your actions and our project leadership.  You bring knowledge of your particular industry and current processes;  we bring knowledge and methods of process design, process improvement and cost management.  Our job is to facilitate the change.  Through our teaching, coaching and training, we will urge you into appropriate actions.  We will transfer knowledge, introduce new ideas, challenge existing paradigms, clarify , and manage the process of change.

We also believe that the implementation and use of process-based management techniques is sustained only if knowledgeable, competent advocates are developed within the organization. Consequently, we may offer formal training sessions or interactive workshops as required; informal learning moments are common throughout any engagement. Our formal seminars are also provided on a standalone basis—outside of the project setting.

We Transfer Knowledge

At Lenhardt & Company, we work in concert with you to achieve ongoing and measurable improvement.

We add knowledge of best practices and, in collaboration with you, develop and shape an optimum solution. We leverage your knowledge and experience;  after all, you bring the day-to-day, insider knowledge of your organization. You contribute an in-depth understanding of your current processes—both strengths and weaknesses. With your employees helping us, we are in position to help you.

Experience shows that those who help develop and implement new processes feel ownership of and accountability for results.

We Leverage Your Employees’ Skills

We Believe in Fast and Personal Customer Service

There often are loose ends that emerge after the completion of a project. At Lenhardt & Company, we are available on short notice—even after the completion of your project.

Many clients desire a long-term relationship with their consultant. They want to know they can make a call, or send an email, with the full confidence of knowing their request will get immediate attention.  We’ll give you that extra attention. We want not only to execute today's project but also to become your trusted advisor and mentor for help with future management initiatives.

Our Values
Every customer and every project is different. However, at Lenhardt & Company LLC we adhere to a foundation of values that guide us in all our undertakings. We think it is important for you to know and understand these core beliefs, as they are the true underpinning of our consulting practice.